Tailor-Made Belts

An artwork – Made of leather.

Hepco doesn’t produce in high quantities only.
For special occactions we have always been producing
elaborate, limited special editions.
– true unique pieces.

That’s why we offer unparalleled service to unparalleled customers:

We will craft you a unicum.

Length, style, shape, material, colour, buckle
– You can decide.

individual design wishes

let us know if you have any special requirements to your belt product


Unique humans might want unique accessories. We understand that and provide personalization features like initial or name branding, custom decoration etc.

individual length

extra long or extra short belts — suitable for any kind of body shape

custom quantities

if its just one tailor-made belt, or an article designed for a whole team, company or branding strategy — we are ready to explore the possibilities with you