Summerupdate ’19: contour

For the summer update of our online collection, we took a close loook at contours, in the belt structure and we also dealt with the continous quest of evolving the lines, that make up HEPCOs iconic models.

An Absolute Classic Returns

That is why an iconic HEPCO design has once again found its way into the permanent collection: The waist belt bomb. The unusual oval shape of its leather strap provides a particularly pleasant feeling when worn on the waist.

Bomb ist nicht gerade, sondern oval geschnitten.
Das macht ihn als Taillengürtel sehr komfortabel.

Printed Belts With Character

After the success of the limited graffiti belt, we have added two new printed models to the permanent collection. We present daisy & aqua, with a floral and maritime pattern between the characteristic contours of the printed leather.

Budapest for Business

The business belts are being supplemented by the new budapest brandy & budapest black models, which stand out with their concise structure and their elaborate sewing work:

World first rhubarb belts:

The subject of contour is not limited to forms and appearance. The material decisively determines the lines of a belt. Hard or soft? Rigid or Elastic? Each property offers a different contour.
That’s why we’ve entered a special partnership for the Contour Collection and are proud to present the first HEPCO Rhubarb Leather® belts. Rhubarb leather® is grown and tanned in Germany and treated with a rhubarb-derived, environmentally friendly and natural tanning agent. This unique tanning process makes the leather extremely soft, fragrant and comfortable to wear. In addition, we rounded off the edges of the models brownie and babe slightly, so that the belts feel even more supple when touched:

With rhubarb extract tanned leather is very supple and environmentally friendly …
… and looks splendid too.
Summer ‘19 – is our first online collection.
All models are now availavle on

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