Manufactory Outlet

Our Manufactory is located right at the entrance of Marbach am Neckar, 15 minutes away from Stuttgart City Center and 3 Minutes by walk from Marbach train station. Besides the birth place of famous German poet Friedrich Schiller (Author of Europe Anthem) and the National Archive of Literature, Marbach also offers a beautiful historic city center, which is perfect to pass time and shop.

Our manufactory outlet offers hundreds of different belt and braces models, just as absolute unicums, which are hard to display on the internet altogether.

Our ‘Mix & Match ‘ – System enables you to build you own individual belt out of thousands of different combinations. Later you can easily order new buckles and stripes online.

Our unique way of producing belts preserved the ability to build a belt suiting ones inidvidual taste. Really: Your imagination is the limit.

Opening hours for visitors of the manufactory outlet:

Monday to Thursday8 am – 5 pm
Friday8 am – 3 pm
You can also make an individual appointment:
Simply contact us.

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Rielingshäuserstr. 11
71672 Marbach a.N.