How to shorten a belt the proper way

You want to shorten your Hepco belt so it perfectly matches your unique style? No problem! We’ve put together a step-by-step guide for you to adjust your belt to the right length. And don’t worry – it’s easier than you think!

Let’s get started: 😊

  1. Measuring the desired length: 
    Before you cut anything, it’s important to first measure the circumference of your waist. Do this at the point where you usually wear your belt. On your Hepco belt, measure from the tip of the prong on the buckle to the third hole. The difference is the length you need to cut. Sounds like work, but it’s worth it, trust us! 📏 After all, you want your belt to fit like a glove, right? 📏
  2. Opening the belt: 
    Once you’ve determined the exact length, it’s time to carefully loosen the screws on the belt buckle with a suitable screwdriver. It’s not rocket science, but please still be careful! 👀
  3. Cutting off the excess length: 
    Now you can use a sharp knife or a very sturdy pair of scissors to cut off the excess part of the belt. CAUTION – Safety always comes first! If you’re uncomfortable with the tools, it’s better to let professionals do it. Also, don’t cut off too much at once, you can always cut off more later. And don’t forget to be careful and focused! ✂️
  4. Punching a new hole: 
    With a hole punch, you can now make the new hole for the belt buckle. Make sure there is enough distance to the edge. This way, your Hepco belt will remain durable and stable even after shortening! 💪
  5. Re-screwing the belt: 
    Now screw the belt buckle back onto the shortened belt. Voila, your Hepco belt is now at your ideal length! 🎉
  6. Checking: 
    Wear your belt and see if it fits well. If it’s still too long, don’t worry, just repeat the steps. You’re now an expert at shortening Hepco belts! 👌

If all of this is too wild for you or if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to visit us in Marbach am Neckar. Here, in the heart of accessory manufacturing, we’ll be happy to assist you in shortening your belt. Our products are not only for wearing but also for adjusting and appreciating. Because at Hepco, we believe that sustainability and local craftsmanship go hand in hand. 🌍🔨💚

Let’s get to it and have fun shortening your Hepco belt! 🥳