Buy Belts Made in Stuttgart And The Region.

Timeless fashion for Stuttgart, the ”Mutterstadt”

We have been Stuttgart’s belt makers for a century. Started in 1922 in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Hepco has been equipping the people of Stuttgart with belts and individual accessories such as suspenders and bags ever since.

Made in the Stuttgart region
for the hearts and pants of the valley.

Kettle residents get the support their pants deserve here: Individual, regional, durable and sustainable belts and suspenders.

Sustainable by Design

Our belts are designed from the start for durability and repairability. So you not only save yourself frequent repurchases, but also do something good for the environment: less consumption is more sustainable consumption. For us it goes without saying: We repair your belts and make them fit again for many years to come. You can even bring your own buckles and strips: We upcycle your parts to a high-quality Hepco belt.

Visit our manufactory near Ludwigsburg. There you can watch how belts and other accessories like suspenders, dog collars and bags are made locally for Stuttgart, its region and Baden-Württemberg.