Belts for Stuttgart – From the Stuttgart Region

Timeless Fashion for the Swabian Capital

For a century, we’ve been Stuttgart’s belt makers. Founded in 1922 in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Hepco has always outfitted the people of Stuttgart with belts and fashionable accessories such as suspenders and bags. Whether you prefer a unique taste or timeless design: At Hepco, you’ll find the belt that adds that special touch to your outfit.

Gürtel für Stuttgart — Die Frau auf dem Bild trägt einen Hepco-Gürtel in Stuttgarts Innenstadt
Gürtel für Stuttgart — Diese Frau trägt einen Gürtel. Sie sitzt entspannt in der Stuttgarter Innenstadt auf dem Schlossplatz, vor dem Königsblau und der Siegessäule.

Crafted in the Stuttgart Region for the Hearts and Trousers of the Kessel.

At Hepco, Stuttgarts’ Kesselresidents find the support their trousers deserve: Regional, durable, repairable, and thus sustainable belts and suspenders – individually tailored to their needs.

Sustainable by Design

Our belts are designed from the outset for durability and repairability. This not only saves you from frequent repurchases but also benefits the environment: Less consumption is more sustainable consumption. For us, it’s a given: We repair your belts and get them ready for many more years. You can even bring your own buckles and straps. We’ll upcycle your parts into a high-quality Hepco belt.

Know where it’s made: Fashion Made in Marbach

Visit our factory near Ludwigsburg. Here, you can watch belts and accessories like suspenders, dog collars, and bags being made on-site for Stuttgart, the region, and Baden-Württemberg. Get valuable tips from our staff on the care of belts, suspenders, and handbags. Learn more about the raw material leather and its alternatives. Experience first-hand everything about Hepco’s 100-year manufacturing history and discuss with us the future topics of fashion production.